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The confetti moment is a yes from us!

A confetti moment is always a good idea. It is always such a joyous moment and this should be remembered with your photographer. Here are our tips for your confetti moment.

Horsham Wedding, UK

1. Throw up, not at! This is my #1 saying when I am running a wedding. No one wants a face full of sweaty palm confetti or petals....and if you throw it up the confetti has time to float down for the photographer to capture.

'Cue the Confetti!'

2. Do not have tiny bags of confetti....1. They are a waste of plastic/ packaging, 2. No one can open them in time before the couple passes, and when you do the little flap seals shut again, 3. There is never enough in those tiny bags. Instead, go for baskets full of dried/ fresh petals. Your wedding planner/ bridesmaids/groomsman can then walk down the lines with the baskets for people to help themselves to.

3. Only use biodegradable confetti such as dried/ fresh petals. Paper and foil are not environmentally friendly and can stain floors if they get wet. Most venues do not allow for anything other than biodegradable confetti anyway - so always check!

4. Make sure your photographer is ready...the number of weddings I have been to (as a guest) and the photographer was not ready or changing cameras....frustrating for all.


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