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Choosing your venue...where to start..

You're engaged! Congratulations!!

Barnsley House , UK

Now time to think about your wedding venue. Here are our top tips:

1. I would always start by sitting down with your partner and writing your guest list, that way you can tell what space would work for you.

2. Next, it is time to work out your budget, create a spreadsheet and work out how much you are comfortable spending.

3. Make a list of what is important to you both, and discuss what you both envision for the day.

4. Decide what location works for you

5. Start searching for venues in the locations you have shortlisted

6. Make a list of what costs you will need to consider from the venue, including:

- What is the venue hire?

- Are the prices +vat?

- Are there any other venue costs?

- Can you bring in wine/ sparkling? Is there a corkage charge?

- Do I need to use the suppliers recommended by the venue?

- Is there an extra charge for bringing in external suppliers?

- When can you set up? When does everything need to be out?

- Who does the set up on the day? (you may need a wedding planner to set up your venue)

- Is there a charge to cut up the wedding cake?

- Are children allowed?

- Is there parking?

- What time is carriages?

- Catering - is this with the venue or can you bring in your own?

- What does the venue hire include?

- Is glassware, cutlery, crockery and linen included? Along with chairs and tables?

- You may need to ask if they are long tables or round tables?

- Do they provide an easel, cake stand and knife?

- Can you have a band/DJ? What is the cut off time for these?

- How does the deposit and payments work?

- What does the venue hire include?

- Does the venue come with a wedding coordinator?

*IMPORTANT note: Please remember that the wedding coordinator at the venue is not your Wedding Planner, they will help with venue questions and help with your suppliers on the day that are working with the venue, however they do not do all the hands on things that a Wedding Planner would do.

Choosing a venue is an emotional sale, so do not rush the process and do not feel overwhelmed...choose what's right for you....and have fun!!


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