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Booking your Photographer...

Tips by OMB Events.

We consider photography to be one of the most important supplier bookings for your wedding day...because if you don't have those special moments captured how can you remember every moment...especially on your wedding day! Here are some of our tips for your wedding photography.

Chelsea Wedding , UK

1. If your photographer is going to be with you when you’re getting ready, whether it’s at home, hotel or at the venue, try to chose a large room with plenty of natural light.

2. Consider having an ‘Unplugged’ ceremony. Going ‘Unplugged’ is all about your guests leaving their smart phones to one side and being in the moment and enjoying the ceremony with you! It’s understandable that many of your guest will want to get their own photos, but they can sometimes end up getting in the way of your professional photographer (upon your request, your vicar or registrar will almost certainly be happy to make an announcement before the ceremony begins.)

3. Look after your photographer! Photographers like myself are absolutely passionate about what we do, but shooting all day can be both mentally and physically exhausting. I carry my own drinks and snacks with me but on a long day your photographer will be so grateful to receive a hot meal from your caterers.

4. Guys! Leave your mobile phone and wallet in the hands of someone you trust. There’s nothing worse than bulging pockets ruining the shape of your suit and spoiling the photographs.

5. Be sure to have a friend or family member help your photographer with your shot list as your photographer will not know who Aunt Sally is... this will ensure for a faster photo shoot of family and friends as otherwise this can take hours.

6. Make sure your photographer does not walk down the aisle in front of you. This will block the line of sight between you and your partner.


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